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Read a recent article about staying at home written by specialist, Herbert Doerr, PT, CAPS entitled
“No Place Like Home.”

Stay at Home Services

The time comes in all our lives when we or someone we love suffers an injury or illness, undergoes surgery, or simply discovers that age-related issues have made it impossible to continue to live in a long-cherished home. In the past, there has sometimes been no choice but to move out. No longer.

Stay at Home Services helps homeowners remake their living spaces and remain at home. Rely on us to identify problems, suggest solutions, and then do all the work that needs to be done. We can even consult with physicians, therapists, case workers, and insurance companies to help you or your loved one continue to live at home comfortably and safely.

We offer solutions to many common physical challenges, including:

  • Limited reach
  • Poor strength in hands and arms
  • Balance and coordination problems
  • Trouble bending
  • Trouble walking and climbing stairs
  • Using a wheelchair indoors
  • Difficulty standing for long periods
  • Limited vision

Simple Steps to Remaining at Home

1. We quickly provide an estimate of potential enhancements to your home.

Some of the most common changes include:

2. Our technicians complete the required work—promptly, efficiently, and professionally. Our experienced professionals do the whole job from start to finish—and clean up after. All our technicians have passed a rigorous background check.

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